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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When's check in and check out?

Check in is at 3pm and check out is at 11am, but we do our best to accommodate everyone’s travel schedule. Early check-in or late check-out can be organised on request.

What's the weather like?

It’s hot and sunny all year round here on the south coast! The average temperature is 85°F (30°C) with a light sea breeze. Any rain is usually brief, dramatic and followed by hours of sunshine. October to May is considered to be the high season, when the sea is calmest, but you really don’t see a huge difference in the weather.

What currency do I bring?

Our currency is the Jamaican dollar but most places also take American dollars. However if you are paying local fruit and veg stalls or souvenir sellers you will bet a better rate in JMD. Most shops take credit cards, but check with your bank about currency exchange charges, always opt to pay in local currency.

Do you have wifi?

There’s wireless internet throughout the property, the code is on the black box by the tv. It can sometimes be intermittent but we are doing our best to upgrade it! Mobile phone signal and 4G are always pretty good here.

What about TV?

Yes we have a smart tv with Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, plus US cable which includes all sports and films.

Where's the nearest ATM?

There’s an ATM at Jack Sprat restaurant which takes foreign cards (the one at Kingfisher Plaza is local cards only). The closest banks (and pharmacies) can be found in Black River and Junction, the two biggest nearby towns, approximately a 40 minute drive away.

Which plug do you use?

Standard US plugs work without adapters and transformers, but you will need an adaptor for European plugs. In Jamaica the electrical current is an average of 110 volts, 50 cycles, compared to America’s 120 volts, 60 cycles, a mild difference most consumer electronics can accommodate. We have an iron and a hairdryer in the villa.

Where can I swim?

We have a salt water swimming pool which is cleaned daily and the sea is just a few steps away! The waves can be choppy in Old Wharf so take care. Just around the corner, five minutes walk away, there is a quiet roped off cove which is perfect for children and for snorkelling. There are three other beaches within walking distance: Jack Sprat, Frenchman’s and Calabash Bay. A picnic box can be arranged on request.


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