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The Story of Turtles' Nest

Treasure Beach is the second largest sea turtle nesting area in Jamaica.
When the villa was built in 2016, the builders made friends with the local dogs. One day one of them gently dropped a baby turtle at their feet and indicated to follow him, there by the beach they found a nest of Hawksbills. The builders helped make sure they made it to the ocean. The following year one of our staff members, Zeb, came into work to find tens of baby turtles swimming around in our pool (luckily it's salt water!) He also made sure they were able to safely walk from the beach into the ocean (so they imprint where they were born).

The nesting season is June to November and the Treasure Beach Turtle Group arranges night tours so you can see them up close! All beachfront properties keep their lights dimmed in this period, so that the turtles head towards the sea and not the road.

Photos: Treasure Beach Turtle Group

Please visit the Natural History Museum in Billy's Bay while you are here. They have lots of information about local wildlife and the turtle conservation project is based here. You can also see dolphins and manatees if you take a boat trip along our stretch of coast. Just ask Zeb and he will organise it for you.

Video credit: Villa Elia

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