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Beach Walk to Great Bay

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We are lucky to be able to do some of the most incredible walks in Treasure Beach. There are mountains, beaches, farmland, cliffs, lakes and rivers near us with a huge variety of topography. One of our favourites is right on our door step - from Old Wharf to Great Bay, which is the next village along the coast. You see stunning scenery with golden sands, private little coves and unusual landscape - including thousand year old conch shells fused into the rocks.

On the way you will pass Tranquility Bay, which has an interesting history. It's now being converted into villas, but in the past has had some unusual incarnations - including a camp for troubled children!

The coast can become quite dramatic, with huge waves and in craggy rocks. Make sure you wear some sturdy shoes as the rocks can be sharp (trainers or swim shoes should be fine.)

Directions: turn left out of the villa onto the beach, walk round the headland past Tranquility Bay and follow the coastal path. At Great Bay there is a lovely restaurant and bar called the Lobster Pot so take some cash. Approx 45 minutes walk.


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