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Things to do in Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach has so much to offer, here are just a few fun or relaxing activities we can arrange during your stay.

Boat trips to Pelican Bar

The world famous bucket list bar! Right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and just 20 minutes from Treasure Beach. If the sea is calm our boat captain Bernard will even pick you up from the beach directly in front of the villa! Once there you can order freshly caught grilled fish, drink cold beer and snorkel in the shallow sandbar. Carve your name in the wooden deck or bring a car licence plate to be put up in the rafters. Regularly voted the coolest bar on earth, do this trip if nothing else!

You may even spot dolphins as there are several pods living nearby.

Insider's tip: cash only for food and drink, order food ahead to avoid a long wait.

@official_pelican_bar +1 876 354 4218 or 876 250 3073.

Black River Safari

A family favourite, especially if you have young kids as it involves getting up close to real life crocodiles! These majestic creatures are protected by law in Jamaica and rarely pose any threat to humans, especially as there is a plentiful supply of fish in Black River (and food from boat trippers!) Meander further down the river to have shrimp for lunch and to visit Rudy's Bar. The Duchess of York and her daughters once visited, ask him to tell you the tale!

Insider's tip: Stop in Black River for a Jamaican staple the "Juici Pattie" and to stock up at the fresh fish and fruit markets.

Go from Black River with @blackriversafari or from Treasure Beach with our Boat Captain Bernard.

Fishing Trips

Setting off from Frenchman's Cove in Treasure Beach, hire our boat captain Bernard to take you the best fishing spots and peaceful coves along our glorious coastline. Take your snorkelling gear to spot some beautiful rare fish feasting on the coral reef.

Insider's tip: ask to stop at Sunny Island, a beautiful sand bar where it's possible to collect some rare shells.

YS Falls

Have fun on the zip lines and splash in the waterfalls. Also three different pools: one cold water, one hot water and one for more advanced swimmers. Visit the two gift shops for some unique local souvenirs.

Insider's tip: take waterproof swim shoes for climbing the rocky steps and on the zip wire (easy to loose a flip flop!). Card machine doesn't always work so take cash just in case.


Boat trip to Little Ochie

Confusingly, you will see signs for Little Ochie all over the island but it's actually located in Alligator Pond, which is a 30 minute beautiful boat trip along our coast (instead of a much longer bumpy car ride!) The food here is delicious - freshly caught and cooked to your taste. Sit in the beach huts on stilts to have lunch overlooking the sea.

Insider's tip: the beach isn't always kept very clean (something locals are currently addressing) so save your post-lunch swimming for one of the prettier coves on the way back.

Cycling Tours & Bike Hire

Reds Bike Tours, run by Damian Parchment, are well worth considering if you're interested in exploring the local scenery. Ride into the hills to see local farms and along the coastline to explore coves not accessible by road. You can also hire bikes during your stay, making it easier to get to local shops and bars if you don't have a car.

Insider's tip: unless you know the area it's advisable to take a guide as it's easy to get lost and Google Maps hasn't got this far yet!


Guided Walking Tours

Follow the wonderful Lilieth Lynch, who will take you on a historically rich and picturesque walk through our charming community. Learn about our vibrant cultural history and see our fishing and farming folk in action. Her motto is "come, mek wi walk an talk!"

@treasurebeachwalkingtours +1 876 572 8835

Spa Treatments

You are spoilt for choice when to comes to spa and wellness treatments in Treasure Beach, but one of our favourites is Empress Thandi Wise of the Wise Wellness Centre. She will come to the villa and do the most incredible massages on our shady terrace overlooking the sea. Our last guests said it was the highlight of their stay! Thandi also runs yoga classes and a local vegan health food centre - an amazing woman!

+1 876 275 8499

@empressthandi @wisewellnesscentreja @ital_mama_cafe_jamaica

Rasta Experience Tours

This is a true one off. Meet John Deer, who lives in the hills above Billy's Bay in Treasure Beach. He has an incredible collection of Jamaican artefacts and historical objects, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Jamaican art, culture and the gentle Rastafarian way of life. Park at the bottom of the Jermadda Perma Culture Park and take a hike up to his abode, following the quirky signs along the way. Stay for lunch with Ital inspired food.

Booking essential @jamadda.jamaica

Turtle Tours

See sea turtles laying and hatching, help monitor and count their numbers to make a difference in Treasure Beach. The hawksbill sea turtle monitoring programme is based at the Natural History Museum in Billy's Bay and really deserves support. Book a night tour and see the work of this group up close. We also have a lot of hawksbill activity at night on the beach in front of our villa, ask our staff to show you the turtles' favourite laying spots.



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