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Coffee Plantation Tours

The best place to tour coffee plantations is in the Blue Mountains in St Andrew, a short drive from Kingston. There are plenty to chose from but we would highly recommend the Craighton Estate in Irish Town, just up the road from

Stawberry Hill.

Junior will take you up the beautiful lush green hills into the heart of the coffee growing area. The views are absolutely spectacular and they have some of the widest varieties of plant and bird life in the area.

Junior has to be one of the most knowledgeable people we have ever met when it comes to coffee. Its origins, history, geopolitics, chemistry and varieties - his interest and intelligence on this subject is astounding!

After the tour you are invited to sit down and taste the fabulous coffee produced here. Blue Mountain coffee is like no other you have tasted - smooth, rounded and so pure - you won’t want to drink any other variety ever again!

To book your tour call +1 876 929 8490 or email secucc@cwjamaica.com