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Six Facts About Treasure Beach

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Less of a town, more a string of fishing villages | Treasure Beach is a fascinating place to stay.

1. Treasure Beach has the least amount of rainfall on the island due to the natural barrier provided by the Santa Cruz Mountains to the east.

2. The first residents of Treasure Beach were the Tainos Indians, coming to Jamaica around 700 AD. Their name for the island was “Xaymaca.” Some Taino words you may be familiar with are canoe, hammock, hurricane and tobacco.

3. Fishing is the major industry in Treasure Beach.

4. Treasure Beach is located within the parish of St. Elizabeth. The people of St. Elizabeth are known for being the hardest working in Jamaica. This is reflected in the productivity of local farms, earning St. Elizabeth parish the nickname "The Bread Basked of Jamaica". It supplies more fruits and vegetables to the rest of the island than any other parish.

5. A Scottish ship sank off the coast of Treasure Beach in the mid 1600. The survivors settled in the area and intermixed with the local population. This led to residents with light skin, blue and green eyes, and blond and red hair. Across the island they are affectionately called "red", or for the women "brownings”, from Treasure Beach.

6. St Elizabeth’s vegetation and geography are perhaps the most varied of all the parishes. From the arid plains in the south, to the thick green wetlands of the Black River Upper and Lower Morass, to woodland mountainsides as high as 2500 ft.


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